Old Kia Kima youth camp near Hardy, Arkansas

Here are some of the

Offices and Committees

that keep Old Kia Kima running.

Position Name Responsibility
President Dennis Cain  
Treasurer John Lauderdale financial matters, donations
Recording Secretary Richard Wertz meeting minutes, membership records
Immediate Past President Ron Naro  
Director at Large Brian Ball  
Director at Large John Fletcher  
Director at Large Jim Hayslip  
Director at Large Ken Holmes  
Director at Large Mike Kinkade  
Director at Large David Logan  
Finance Committee John Lauderdale Chairman
Finance Committee Rick Schmid  
Finance Committee Alan Meierhoefer  
Finance Committee Boyd Billingsley  
Finance Committee Richard Wertz  
Finance Committee Phil Wiedmeyer
Finance Committee Ron Naro Sponsor
Endowment Fund Committee Alan Meierhoefer Chairman
Endowment Fund Committee Ron Naro  
Endowment Fund Committee Max Ostner  
Endowment Fund Committee Bill Harrison  
Endowment Fund Committee John McGuire  
Endowment Fund Committee Rick Phillips  
Endowment Fund Committee Boyd Billingsley  
Endowment Fund Committee Rick Schmid  
Endowment Fund Committee Phil Wiedmeyer  
Facilities Utilization Committee Jimmy Hayslip Chairman, Rangers, Camp Reservations
Facilities Utilization Committee Dennis Cain  
Facilities Utilization Committee Margaret Jessie  
2023 Annual Gathering Committee George Clarke Chairman
2023 Annual Gathering Committee David Christopher
History Committee Jim Bottrell Chairman
History Committee David Fleming  
History Committee Fred Morton  
History Committee Brooks Gooch  
History Committee Buddy Keltner  
History Committee Larry Young  
History Committee David Logan  
History Committee Andrew Schrack  
Nominating Committee Ron Naro Chairman
Nominating Committee David Fleming  
Nominating Committee George Clarke  
Nominating Committee John Fletcher  
Nominating Committee Mark Follis  
Communications Committee Richard Wertz Chairman, website, Smoke Signals
Communications Committee Rick Schmid  
Communications Committee Margaret Jessie  
Communications Committee Ron Naro  
Communications Committee Jenny Bowman  
Building & Grounds Maintenance Committee Mike Kinkade Chairman
Building & Grounds Maintenance Committee Mike Spiotta  
Building & Grounds Maintenance Committee John Fletcher  
Building & Grounds Maintenance Committee David Christopher  
Building & Grounds Maintenance Committee Jim Fly  
Kitchen Committee Dennis Cain Chairman
Kitchen Committee Pat Moody  
Kitchen Committee David Logan  
Kitchen Committee Rick Phillips  
Kitchen Committee Larry Young  
Kitchen Committee Boyd Billingsley  
Kitchen Committee Jim Bottrell  
Marketing Committee Phil Wiedmeyer Chairman
Marketing Committee Charlie Slater  
Marketing Committee Talbot Berry  
Marketing Committee Ken Holmes  
Strategic Planning Committee David Fleming  
Strategic Planning Committee Rick Schmid  
Strategic Planning Committee Charles Holland  
Strategic Planning Committee Boyd Billingsley  
Strategic Planning Committee Mike Kinkade  
Strategic Planning Committee Max Ostner, Jr.  
Strategic Planning Committee Rick Phillips  
Strategic Planning Committee Phil Wiedmeyer  

Old Kia Kima is not associated with the Boy Scouts of America or Chickasaw Council, BSA.
Old Kia Kima Preservation Association is responsible for Old Kia Kima and this website.