Old Kia Kima youth camp near Hardy, Arkansas

Our Youth Leadership Core Values

Integrity, Achievement, Responsibility, and Courage

These are the core principles that will guide the future development of our Youth Leadership Training Initiatives. They will help us to convey the "Spirit" of Old Kia Kima by letting others know that this small set of general guiding principles is OKKPA's essential and enduring tenets for Youth Leadership - a key part of the rich legacy we want to share and utilize the camp to pass along to the Youth of Tomorrow.

Here is a Training Guide for our four Core Values.

Our Core Purpose
(This defines the enduring character of our organization and drives our aspirations.)

WHAT: Restore the Camp and Preserve the "Spirit" of Old Kia Kima for the Youth Of Tomorrow.

WHY: We want future generations to experience the Spirit of Old Kia Kima, to learn the values of Integrity, Achievement, Responsibility, and Courage, and to utilize the camp to pass this along to future generations "just like we did". This will be our legacy.

HOW: By continuing to support and maintain the high principles of Scouting as we knew them to be at Kia Kima and by advancing those principles in service to others through organized programs of community involvement, Youth Leadership Training and camp activities that will span the new millennium and continue our legacy in perpetuity.

These Core Values and statement of Core Purpose work together to give direction, substance, and clarity to our Vision, Mission, and Goals, which are repeated below. Together, they will provide a guide to OKKPA decisions as we pursue a restored and fully functioning Old Kia Kima!

Our Vision: Old Kia Kima is that special place where the land and the river inspire us to become something more, preserving the legacy of our past and shaping the lives of future generations.

Our Mission: Preserve the place, honor the vision of all who have shared in the spirit of the South Fork waters and provide an environment where elders may pass on knowledge and experience, enriching and shaping the lives of young people today.

Our Goals: Create an awareness of Old Kia Kima, its past, present and future. Acquire the Old Kia Kima campgrounds and restore original structures where feasible. Implement leadership, fellowship and community service programs. Preserve and maintain Old Kia Kima.

Old Kia Kima is not associated with the Boy Scouts of America or Chickasaw Council, BSA.
Old Kia Kima Preservation Association is responsible for Old Kia Kima and this website.