Old Kia Kima youth camp near Hardy, Arkansas

Support Old Kia Kima

The Old Kia Kima Preservation Association, Inc. (OKKPA) is a 501(c)3 Youth Leadership Organization (EIN 71-0783653) incorporated in Arkansas with summer camp facilities located in Cherokee Village on the South Fork of the Spring River near the town of Hardy.


The mission of Old Kia Kima is to provide the youth of today with the experiences that many of us enjoyed as campers or staff at Kia Kima many years ago. Old Kia Kima is a special place on the banks of the South Fork River. Since the opening of Old Kia Kima for camping in 2002, thousands of today's youth have experienced this special place. OKK does not charge for the use of its facilities nor does OKK offer any programs. It costs nearly $40,000 per year to operate the camp and that is done solely through donations, grants and dues from members. We need everyone's help to keep our mission going.

A benefit of your donation is that it enables you to immediately support our camp operations and priority maintenance projects.

Ongoing Camp Operations

  • Yearly maintenance of facilities
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Camp supplies
  • Mowing and tree trimming

    While all the restoration of camp facilities is complete there is a constant need for significant maintenance. Much of the camp restoration took place in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Those restorations are now in need of major maintenance. Once a facility is restored, the work must continue to keep facilities in the best possible condition.

  • Cabins need a new coat of paint and screens
  • Roofs always need attention
  • Continued restoration of the waterfront area
  • Buildings need staining
  • Water heaters to be replaced
  • Kitchen supplies and appliances

    Capacity Expansion

  • New Tent Camping areas
  • New Bath house facilities
  • New GaGa Ball Pitt
  • Maintenance and Storage building
  • Donate online or mail your donation check to:

    c/o Phillip Wiedmeyer
    1501 Buckhead Trail
    Birmingham, AL 35216


    Here is your opportunity to spend time at camp again. Spend time in the outdoors, breathe the fresh air and share the fellowship of dedicated people who are interested in helping. Whether you can rake leaves, paint, repair plumbing, fix electrical wiring or whatever, your skills can be an asset to Old Kia Kima. To join OKKPA, please complete a Membership Application and mail it to the address shown.

    If you have questions, please contact our Membership coordinator.


    To support the future of Old Kia Kima, the Old Kia Kima Endowment Forever Fund (OKKEFF) was created. The goal of this fund is to ensure the financial security of Old Kia Kima for future generations. For additional information concerning our Endowment Fund, please contact one of our OKKEFF coordinators.

    Major Donor Program
    In support of the OKKEFF, a Major Donor Program was created. This program targets three levels of giving: Osage - $5,000.00, Cherokee - $10,000.00 and Chickasaw - $25,000.00. This giving is separate and apart from any annual dues or other donations. Major Donations may be paid over a 48-month period. Lower-level Major Donations are counted towards the next level of giving. For example, a $5,000.00 donation counts towards the Cherokee level and the $10,000.00 Cherokee donation counts towards the Chickasaw level. All Major Donors are exempt from any annual dues requirement and are considered OKKPA Members for life.

    Memorial Flagpole
    The Memorial Flagpole is yet another funding avenue for OKKPA. Any donation towards the OKKEFF that meets or exceeds $1,000.00 entitles the donor to have a memorial or honorary brick engraved and placed at the flagpole. Major Donors may also have bricks engraved for the flagpole.

    Make your check payable to OKKPA. Donations can be directed to the General Fund for camp operations, the Endowment Fund or a specific project. Please indicate in the memo section of your check how you wish to direct your donation. Be sure to enclose your contact information to receive a tax deduction letter. Tax letters are sent for all donations exceeding $250.00.

    Mail your donation or other payment check to:
    c/o Phillip Wiedmeyer
    1501 Buckhead Trail
    Birmingham, AL 35216

    Old Kia Kima is not associated with the Boy Scouts of America or Chickasaw Council, BSA.
    Old Kia Kima Preservation Association is responsible for Old Kia Kima and this website.