Old Kia Kima youth camp near Hardy, Arkansas

Old Kia Kima Activities

Camping groups are responsible for providing their own program activities. However, Old Kia Kima has a few things that might interest you.

Activities Pavilion

The Activities Pavilion is the restored dining hall which was constructed in 1954. This structure, complete with lights and fans, has nearly 4,000 square feet of available space for meetings, classes or other activities. It is a perfect place to get out of the weather. There is also a double-sided bath house with showers just outside the Activities Pavilion.

Swimming Beach

Campers can swim in the Southfork River while at Old Kia Kima.

Youth Groups use of the river for swimming as well as boating is acknowledged to be at your own risk, with the requirement that your Group Leader assumes full responsibility for providing trained and certified Lifeguards equipped and versed in appropriate group Safe Swim & Safety Afloat procedures. The waterfront area does include a swim dock as well as a Lifeguard station and Buddy Board. Buddy Board must be checked out with the camp ranger.

Gaga Ball Pit

Old Kia Kima has a Gaga Ball Pit

Watch a short video of the first Gaga ball game at OKK.

Cornhole Game Boards

Old Kia Kima has Cornhole boards

Air Rifles

Old Kia Kima has air rifles

Old Kia Kima is not associated with the Boy Scouts of America or Chickasaw Council, BSA.
Old Kia Kima Preservation Association is responsible for Old Kia Kima and this website.