Old Kia Kima youth camp near Hardy, Arkansas

We honor these 16 Native American tribes by choosing their names for the restored cabins of Old Kia Kima

East Side of Quadrangle

Osage: Cabin #1--Dedicated To Old Kia Kima Staff & Campers 1916-1944

Hopi: Cabin #2--Dedicated to The Memory of Harlen F. Mackey

Lenni Lenape: Cabin #3-- Dedicated to David Fleming

Cheyenne: Cabin #4--Dedicated to The Memory of Bob Hurt

Sioux: Cabin #5--Dedicated to Paul and Margaret Bell

Apache: Cabin #6--Dedicated to Bill Dixon

North Side of Quadrangle

Cherokee: Cabin #7-- Dedicated to The Memory of Peggy B. Goolsby & Eric Goolsby, wife and son of Carl A. Goolsby, Troop 59, 1949-1950

Pikuni: Cabin #8--Dedicated to Ken Humphreys

Chickasaw: Cabin #9--Dedicated to Miller M. "Huck" Huckabee

Mohawk: Cabin #10--Dedicated to Ralph "Padre" Young & Martha Jane

Mohican: Cabin #11--Dedicated to Frank U. "Simon" Simonton

West Side of Quadrangle

Choctaw: Cabin #12-- Dedicated in honor of Herb and Lyn Schmid

Navajo: Cabin #13--Dedicated to The Memory Of Orville W Swarner, I & II

Shawnee: Cabin #14--Dedicated to The Memory Of Willard E. "Chief" Hayes

Comanche: Cabin #15--Dedicated to The Memory Of Ford Turner

Iroquois: Cabin #16--Dedicated to James A. "Gray Eagle" Moore


Dedicated To George "Uncle Dudley" Billingsley

September, 2000

Time Capsule


September, 2000

"Rat's Nest" Staff Cabin

Dedicated To George Billingsley

September, 2001

The Old Kia Kima Chapel

Dedicated to Ralph and Martha Jane Young

July 2005

The "Ole 97" Covered Bridge

Dedicated to The Leaders and Eagle Scouts of Troop 97 - "Ole 97"

September 2004

Thunderbird Lodge Restoration Memorial

Dedicated To The Memory Of Robert L "Buddy" Irwin

September, 2000

Thunderbird Lodge

September, 2000

Dedicated to the Youth of Tomorrow

In Memory of the Camp Directors

of Old Kia Kima


"The Old Hospital" Restoration

Honoring the Doctors and Staff Medics

who served in the camp's "Old Hospital" from 1948 until 1963

November, 2007

The Cappellari Meditation Trail

In Recognition of the many generous contributions of

Mrs. Rose Mary Cappellari and her husband Amerigo

April, 2010

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